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Aidrocket Aidrocket facebook monitoring

Monitor facebook posts on groups and pages*

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*Only public groups and pages.

Launch your first satelitte in just one minute.

Select page to monitor

Copy paste the adress of the selected page into the input field.

Choose what to look for

Write the search words or phrases the satellite should monitor. You are able to write muliple words/phrases and negative

Receive notice

Receive notice when the satellite find what you are looking for. You can select instant, daily or weekly notices.

Aidrocket facebook monitoring - main uses

New leads and clients

Whether you are working as a freelancer or represent a large company, new clients can always be hard to catch. Instead of pushing advertising, Aidrocket will let you approach them when they are looking for your service. Remember to setup instant notice - early bird gets the worm

Brand monitoring and PR

Keeping an eye on brand mentions, feedback and critique can be hard on facebook. Setting up monitors will let you know once your brand is mentioned on selected pages/groups – and let you respond or help.

Statistics and market analysis

You can use Aidrocket to collect data and track different products, services, ideas, politics etc.